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Fog Light Retrofit Harness, 91-92 Camaro
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New fog light retrofit harness allows you to add factory fog lights to a 91-92 Camaro that did not originally have fog lights.  Harness is very simple to install, and requires no splicing. Installation involves inserting one terminal into the factory bulkhead on the driver side firewall, and hooking up a single ground o-ring terminal to an existing grounding point already in use by your headlight harness. You will need to install a fog light relay inside your vehicle (connector is already in the dash harness, above the pedals), a fog light fuse in your fusebox, and a fog light switch in your instrument panel. Harness includes installation instructions.

This harness consists of the underhood portion only. We have taken apart several  91-92 Camaros and have found all to be wired for fog lights on the driver side of the firewall. We recommend you check that your dash harness is setup for fog lights before ordering. You can check your vehicle by looking for the fog light switch connector behind the left side of the instrument panel, or for the fog light relay connector, located above your pedals.

Harness is assembled in house with new connectors, terminals, and seals from Packard, and TXL grade wiring. These are the same products used by GM on factory harnesses, and the leads are GM color coded. 

Manufacturer: TPI PARTS

Fitment: 91-92 Camaro

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