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Standalone Adapter Harness, 1993 LT1 Automatic Fbody
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Our LT1 adapter harnesses can convert your factory Camaro/Firebird (Fbody) LT1 harness into a standalone system, making it easy to retrofit an LT1 into any vehicle. Our kit consists of an underhood harness and a passenger compartment harness which plug into your Fbody LT1 harness. They feature

  • OEM Quality and Look
  • Easy And Quick To Install
  • Premium Grade Fusebox / Relay Center with Cover
  • GM Color Coded Wiring
  • Plugs Into Your Factory LT1 Harness Without Modification
  • Harnesses Are Thoroughly Labeled 
  • Diagnostic Connector and Check Engine Light

Why Use An Adapter Harness?
Most pullout LT1 engines already come with the factory engine wiring harness, and PCM. Usually, the factory harness is thrown out and a new aftermarket harness is installed. The key differences between an aftermarket harness and the original come down to fuses/relays, and labeled wires to guide you through the install.

Instead of throwing out the factory harness, our kit plugs into it and adds the necessary relays, fuses, and wiring to properly install your LT1 in your project vehicle. Once installed, it will offer a cleaner, more attractive solution than an aftermarket harness. Installation instructions are included.

Note: Due to the differences between harnesses across different applications, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you order the appropriate adapter harness for the vehicle, year, and transmission that your factory harness was originally intended for. For example, if your engine and harness was taken from a 1994 Camaro with an automatic transmission, you MUST use our 1994 LT1 Auto Adapter Harness.

Add On Options: Harnesses are prewired to work with our optional plug-in VATS bypass module (part number VATS-055).  

Manufacturer: TPI PARTS

Fitment: 1993 LT1 Camaro/Firebird Automatic w/o A.I.R.

VATS Bypass Module
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